butterfly CPS Test
Butterfly Click Test – The Clicking Speed Tester
butterfly click test
Butterfly Click Test
The butterfly click test is another technique utilized by gamers to test their clicking speed. It is one of the best ways to test your clicking skills. You require to put your two fingers on the same mouse button to perform it. You will hit the mouse with both fingers alternatively.

This method is considered more stabilized than the jitter click test. There are chances of damage in other modes, but it is assumed a safe mode; it does not harm you in any way. But remember one thing its use of it is the same as other techniques.

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How to Butterfly Click?

Unlike the different clicking techniques, butterfly clicking has earned quite a bit of favor due to the high clicking speed it can gain. Moreover, this method delivers you an advantage over your competitors in games like Minecraft.

But what exactly is butterfly clicking, how to butterfly click, how do you do it perfectly, and is it even permitted? We’ll answer these questions for you.

What is Butterfly Clicking Exactly?

Butterfly clicking is a clicking technique developed by the gaming scene to gain maximum clicks per second in a game. Simply place two fingers on the tip of the mouse button and tap it alternately with both fingers to perform butterfly clicking.
Generally, butterfly clicking is performed with the middle finger and index finger to develop more clicks as fast as possible.

How to Perform a Butterfly Click Correctly?

As with multiple things, butterfly clicking is all about your technique. And the more you rehearse, the better you will become at executing a butterfly click. But how does a butterfly click work exactly?

When butterfly clicking, you alternate between two fingers, usually the middle finger and the index finger. This is to generate as many CPS (clicks per second) as likely.

Butterfly clicking involves clicking with a mouse so that the mouse registers twice as many clicks (or even more) than usual clicking.

You are attempting to click twice with your mouse, even though the button was just triggered once. To do this, you require to find an exact point on your mouse button where butterfly clicking will register two clicks rather than simply one. Here you have to test and change the angle until it works. Moreover, this clicking method is not effortless, as it needs a lot of practice.

As you can see, in butterfly clicking you try to tap your mouse button alternately with your index and middle finger – as quickly as you can. The click-through rate can be over 20 per second, which is possible with some CPS counters.

How to Improve Your Speed in Butterfly Click Test

The butterfly Click Test is different from other techniques. You have to set both your fingers on the mouse’s right side; first, you have to beat the mouse with one finger, and the second finger is in the air. Then you click with the second finger and set the first finger in the air. One thing to keep in mind: you need to act quickly.

Players have 10 seconds in this butterfly clicking method. To click quickly, try to hit more fastly in the first five seconds, and then in the next 5 seconds, maintain that momentum and bring it to the top. At the start, you will not gain a high score, but with more and more practice, you can bring to the top.

Steps to Start Butterfly Clicking

There are a few steps to follow to begin the test. Although it’s effortless to start and play it.

1- Hit on the start button open above to start the test.

2- After hitting the start button, the clock will start instantly.

3- You have 10 seconds to create unlimited clicks. Make sure to stay concentrated all the time.

4- After ten seconds, the timer will quit. You will not able to create further clicks.

5- Then you will be shown your rank. Your position will depend on your cps. The better cps you will earn the higher rank you will get.

Best Mouse for Butterfly Technique

If you want to create hundreds of clicks in the butterfly technique, you should go for a gaming mouse rather than a traditional mouse because the gaming mouse has a high DPI, is lightweight, and works smoothly. I would suggest going for the Razer DeathAdder V2 gaming mouse.

Having the right gaming mouse can also support you to win games more easily. You can target your opponent more accurately and fastly. So it’s more useful to go for gaming; if you have a funding issue, you can go for a reasonable gaming mouse.

How do I get better and faster at Butterfly Clicking?

To get better at the method of butterfly clicking, you should maintain a few points in mind:

  • You should stick to a compatible clicking pattern. For example, you should not click double with the middle finger and then once with the index finger, but consistently cleanly alternate.

  • You should constantly tap the mouse without interruption. This is extremely hard at first, but you’ll get used to it over time and improve your clicks per second.

  • Make sure you don’t put more stress on one finger. The force should be dispersed as evenly as possible on both fingers.

  • Get the right mouse and the right gaming mouse pad. Especially the latter will give you the required stability when clicking.

It’s most useful to download a tool that displays your clicks per second in the game. This way you can track your development and see instantly when you get better. Otherwise, you don’t know if you are bringing quicker. This is especially important at the start when you are still attempting to find the right pressure point for your mouse.


Is butterfly Clicking bad for health?

As compared to other clicking methods butterfly clicking is securer and isn’t harmful to health. Excessive of everything is wrong so is the case with clicking too. Make sure to bring a rest after attempting any technique.

Which is better butterfly or jitter clicking?

Both techniques have pros and cons, if we talk about safeness then for sure butterfly technique is safer. But if you want a quick clicking technique then go for jitter. Also, recognize that extreme jitter clicking is harmful to your health.


Multiple players try this for Minecraft PVP. You can also try this technique if you want to hit your opponent. Moreover, you can share our website with your friends and family and can do the challenge with them.

We suggest other different click speed tests like 100 seconds click tests and different multiple tests. You should test these tests as well. If you face any problems while trying this test you can just comment on this post.

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